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How does Arxegoz Eats work?
Arxegoz Eats is a meal delivery service that’s ready-to-heat and delivered to your front door. So how does the service work and why should I try it?

  • Visit arxegozeats.com and choose how many meals your family needs and what meals you’d like.
  • Once you go online and order the meal, Chef Romell prepares the meals, places them into containers and gets them ready for delivery.
  • Next, your meals will arrive on Monday or Thursday (based on plan & order date).
  • When you’re ready to eat your meal, skip the cooking and cleaning, and simply place the meal into the microwave for 3 minutes.

Voila, you have a healthy and delicious meal for you and your family all in under 5 minutes of preparation.

Check out this “How to Order Arxegoz Eats” video: 

What are the perks of Arxegoz Eats?
There are three main perks of using this meal delivery service.

  • The first and main perk is the convenience. When your schedule is insane and barely allows time for cooking, it’s easy to get off track and buy fast food. With Arxegoz Eats, your food will be delivered to your front door and only takes 3 minutes to heat up. That’s convenience at its finest.
  • The second perk is that the ingredients are all natural. The high quality of all the ingredients is obvious. You will feel good about eating Arxegoz Eats knowing you’re eating the same whole foods you’d be selecting if you were cooking yourself.
  • The third perk is the variety of meal options. Just like in your regular cooking, you like variety. Arxegoz Eats offer a variety of 15+ meal options so you and your family can always try something new. Since the meals are made by a chef, every meal tastes gourmet and fresh.

What’s different about Arxegoz Eats?
Meal delivery services aren’t new to the dining scene. So what makes Arxegoz Eats unique?

  • Made by a family, for their community. Chef Romell makes it a priority to service his community. Arxegoz Eats caters to the Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma region.
  • Exotic ingredients. We focus our dishes on exotic seasonings sourced worldwide based on Chef Romell’s many travels.
  • Ready to heat. A lot of meal delivery services focus on empowering you to cook gourmet meals. We do the cooking for you. We deliver ready-to-heat meals right to your front door so you don’t have to cook.

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