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Meal delivery services gained momentum in 2012 and have since come into their own, becoming a staple for many households. You might be wondering: what makes them so great? Here are six reasons a meal delivery service could benefit your life.

6 Ways Arxegoz Eats Meal Delivery Service Could Make Your Life Better


First of all, meal delivery services are time-savers. They eliminate the need to go grocery shopping, and eliminate the guilt that comes with buying a huge bottle of a particular spice even though you’ll only need ½ teaspoon. With Arxegoz Eats, the meals are also already prepped for you, so all you have to do is pop the meal into the microwave. Dinner could go from taking two hours to prepare/ serve to taking only 5 minutes.


A huge perk of all meal delivery services is the ultra-convenience. With a meal delivery service where you receive a box to your doorstep, everything is already measured out for you, you just need to follow the cooking instructions. With Arxegoz Eats, the preparation step is eliminated. On busy week nights when kids have 10 things to do after school, a meal delivery service can be just the ticket.

Portion Control

When you cook for one or two it’s easy to cook too much food. Yes the left overs can be saved for another meal later in the week, but it’s also easier to over eat if the food is prepared and sitting right in front of you. With Arxegoz Eats, the meals come divvied up into portions so you don’t have to worry about eating the little bit that’s left over so it won’t go to waste.

Competitively Priced

Food can get expensive, especially if you’re buying for just one or two people. With meal delivery services, you won’t need to throw away extra groceries that you didn’t eat that week. The meals range around 10 dollars a meal. For a couple, that’s only 20 dollars for dinner.


No you may be wondering, “do I have to eat the same meal three times a week if I order a meal delivery service?” The answer is no! Arxegoz allows you the opportunity to choose different meals for each day of the week. This way you get a variety while noting which meals are especially favorable by your family.


While some people think they are too busy for a meal delivery service, the truth is that meal delivery services are one of the most flexible healthy options out there! For example, if you are going out of town next week and won’t be home to receive your meals, you can simply skip a week. This is especially helpful for those who don’t know their schedules until last minute.

Meal delivery services have changed the dinner game for modern Americans. With convenience, flexibility, and variety, meals delivery services may be just what your family needs. Check out the menu Arxegoz Eats to order your first meal today!

We deliver within a 30 mile radius of our licensed commercial kitchen in Renton, Washington. If you’re in the Seattle – Bellevue – Tacoma area, chances are we deliver ready-to-heat, gourmet, chef-created meals right to your front door. So leave the cooking to us!

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  1. Millie Hue
    Millie Hue says:

    I totally agree when you said that having a meal delivered to you is a perfect way to have food prepared while you are busy with your children’s assignments and everything. I will share this with my husband so that he will be convinced to get a meal delivered today. This is because we are both busy with work and finishing the project of our son that needs to be submitted tomorrow.

    • Arxegoz Team
      Arxegoz Team says:

      Thank you Millie. We are glad that we are able to offer this service to you and anyone else who don’t have that time and luxury to create healthy and nutritious meals. That itself is a win win for us all.

      Arxegoz Eats Team


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