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Recipe delivery services that send you fresh ingredients right to your door are great for those who like to cook, but what about those who don’t? Yes, the grocery shopping portion of making dinner is eliminated, but is that worth $10+ a meal? If you’re thinking of ordering from a recipe delivery service, consider these downfalls first.

3 Downsides to Using Recipe Delivery Services

The Recipes Require Multiple Dishes

Part of the allure of a recipe delivery service is that they send so many complex and unique dishes. While this is a great thing, and empowers amateur chefs across the county, more ingredients also means a lot more prep, and a lot more dishes than a meal delivery service. When chopping, seasoning, and overall preparing the meals, you’re required to use and dirty, multiple sized pots, pans, and plates. So as much fun as it is to create these extravagant meals, the clean-up is not something to look forward to.

At Arxegoz Eats, we consider ourselves a meal delivery service, not a recipe delivery service. This means that the meals we send to you are already prepared, cooked, and seasoned, which eliminates the need for you to dirty any pots or pans, or plates for that matter! The containers we use are microwave and refrigerator safe. You’re able to enjoy the exquisite cuisine, without the evidence of all the messy dishes after dinner.

The Deliveries Cause A Ton of Waste

Inside of the large boxes that are delivered with recipe delivery services, there are pre-measured ingredients. This is a great feature in that you don’t waste any food, but each of these ingredients come in their own plastic wrapping. This means every single ingredient. Herbs will be separate from spices. That’s a lot of plastic.

As part of our mission to be environmentally conscious, Arxegoz Eats meals come in reusable plastic containers inside of a reusable and recycled bag. That’s it! No bells or whistles.

Each Recipe Has Over 20 Steps

Again, this is a great feature for those who like to cook and have the time to prepare these recipe delivery service meals, but what about those who are impartial to cooking or don’t like to cook? If the recipe delivery service recipes only called for 5-10 steps, that’s one thing, but each recipe has over 20 steps using multiple stove burners and at least 1 hour of cook/prep/clean time.

Since our gourmet no-prep meals are delivered ready-to-heat, the only step you need to remember is to heat up your meals for one minute and thirty seconds. No confusing directions, no flustered cooking, and no waiting around! We believe fresh and gourmet meals should be readily accessible for you and your family, no matter your schedules.

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